About Me

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my page! I know your time is precious; so for you to be taking your time to read my words is incredibly humbling.

Who Am I?

My name is Ashley Hunt. I am a Michigander and a University of Michigan Alumna with a Type A personality. An interesting fact about me? I use both sides of my brain, the right side creatively and the left side logically and mathematically. I received my Bachelor’s Degree at Michigan in English. I spent a great deal of my time while there writing; I wrote for the MichiganensianChill Magazine, as well as for my sorority newsletter. Post-undergrad, I did some freelance writing online. After a small break, I received my Master’s Degree at Walsh College in Accountancy. Let’s just say I’m am my own version of Supergirl: Accountant by day and Writer-Extraordinaire by night!

Why Disney?

I’ve always loved all things Disney! I even wrote a 15+ page paper on Walt Disney while in middle school. While I was a student at Michigan, I took a small amount of time off to intern with the Walt Disney Company as a College Program Participant in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I loved it! I worked in 3 main fields:  Quick Service Food & Beverage, Merchandise, and Resort Front Desk Operations. Mainly, I worked in EPCOT and the All Star Resorts; however, I did pick up some shifts in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Saratoga Springs Resort. The most fun? I worked as an On-Stage Manager during the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival and as a Group Ambassador for large groups, sports teams, and cheerleading squads.

As a guest and a cast member, I have experienced a great majority of the things Walt Disney World has to offer:  dining (both quick service and table service), numerous resorts, backstage tours, miniature golf, waterparks, recreation, and spas. I have even been to each Special Event and even Pleasure Island when Disney Springs was Downtown Disney.

What’s My Plan?

I’m a Type A person, remember? I always have a plan. I would like Magical Parks and Beyond to be an outlet for my creativity and my love for everything that is the Walt Disney Company (see the site Welcome Page). I want to share my stories and knowledge, insight, and overall advice with my readers. And now, I’ve even developed the Mouse Ears division of the site (with corresponding Etsy shop).

Love and Pixie Dust.